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       Welcome to PB Baits Website

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Paul Blacker owner of PB Baits has been carp fishing now for many years, most recently with some prize winning results on his local club waters all courtesy of his own baits. With his continued success this inspired Paul and in 2005 he began his research into the chemistry of what makes these peculiar looking baits of food so appealing to a carp.

Paul began looking into other baits, dissecting them, smelling them, even tasting them, as well as trawling the internet for over a year to find the correct formulas for an attractive but more importantly nutritional bait.

Paul realised there were two routes to go down, the economical route, where baits offer little goodness and poor health towards the fish, or the more expensive route, using ingredients with high nutritional values, proteins, aminos, antioxidants the list is endless, which offer the fish all that is needed to sustain their diet.  After a great deal of research, Paul opted for the latter.

Once Paul had the core ingredients, he began to produce match winning catches within his own fishing situations. Becoming more of an obsession than a hobby this resulted in the launch of PB Baits in 2007. Since then, with continued development through field testing, we now produce fresh, high quality, nutritional baits for most types of fresh water fishing and now all of our baits are produced for the specimen carp angler. 

All baits are produced to order ensuring freshness is maintained throughout and delivered by post for home freezing or storing. Larger quantities of freezer baits will be frozen after production to maintain their freshness prior to dispatch.